Why Dry Cutting Works

Have you ever had your hair cut in the salon and once its dried it seems to take a different shape? Or curls that seem to be just ‘trimmed’ but then bounce up out of control when dried at home?
For years hairdressers have been trained to cut wet hair, following the same pattern for each head of hair, which when you think about how each persons hair is unique, why is it that we cut all heads of hair exactly the same?

Here at Hairport 1, we started training in dry cutting a number of years ago, with all of our stylists now cutting their clients with dry hair, allowing us to personally tailor a hair cut to suit your  hair. Our clients love that we can see exactly how their hair sits and it allows us as the stylist to be more creative and give you the best possible haircut. Have a read of this great article by Harpers Bazaar and see why everyone is getting around dry cutting!



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