Simple Ways Your Hairstylist Can Change Your Look!

We have all been there before-bored with our hair, frustrated with the frizz, wanting a change but not tooo much length off please!

There are many tricks we hold as professional stylists that can help you change up your hair and give you a fresh look.

Face Framing Colour

Whether you are brunette, red haired or blonde, soft face framing highlights a few shades lighter than your natural can make a huge impact to your overall colour and brightness in your face and hair.

brunette blondeFace Framing Colour

Play With Texture

Changing the texture of your hair is simple and non permanent, perfect for a night out or special occasion!

Utilise your stylists skills on this one for them to recommend you the best products and tools to help you achieve the desired look to go for sleek and smooth or textured and gritty.

stylists hair stylists stylists in australia

Go For A Fringe

Most of us have been here but only some return! Once again, leave this to your stylist to help you decide on the best fringe for your face shape, hair type and styling routine. Fringes have evolved past the blunt ‘to the eyebrows’ so don’t be afraid to change it up if your stylist thinks it will suit you!

face shape hair type styling routine

Change Your Daily Look

If you always wear your hair up to work, wear it down and see how many people will comment! Embrace your natural hair if you have waves or curls and ask your stylist for tips on quick easy techniques for day to day wear.

Change Your Daily Look waves or curls stylist

hair stylist

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